Eating Matters

Don’t Diet, Nourish!

Don’t Diet, Nourish! Studies show that dieting is the best predictor of future weight GAIN. That’s right, diets are generally ineffective over the long-term. Focus instead on nourishing your body with real foods. Make smart food choices and get your metabolism going.

It’s all about your waist.

It’s all about your waist. Belly fat is viewed as the most dangerous and a better indicator of health than just the numbers on the scale. Cut carbs, increase protein and fiber. Add a walk every day for even better results.

Get enough protein every day.

Get enough protein every day. Lean proteins help cut cravings and can even help blood sugar levels. Some studies even show that protein helps us to feel full longer thereby helping us to eat less overall.

Avoiding Sun? Take a Vitamin!

Avoiding Sun? Take a Vitamin! Most of us avoid sun exposure or use sunscreen when we are out and about. It’s no wonder that over 41% of Americans have a vitamin D deficiency. Taking a D3 supplement can mean better bone health, better strength and less depression.

Spice it Up!

Spice it Up! Hot sauce and hot peppers can boost metabolism for hours and help reduce levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger.

Enjoy Your Beef!

Enjoy Your Beef! The American Heart Association suggests up to 6 oz. per day of lean meats or fish. The two things to watch: cut and cooking method. Look for sirloin, loin or round in the name (tri-tip is cut from the beef sirloin) and then prepare by roasting, broiling or grilling. Bon appetite!