Cooked Corned Beef Round with Juices

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We’ve done the cooking for you. Slow-cooked USDA Choice Corned Beef Round with Juices is ready for your microwave and a delicious dinner in just minutes. Our authentic recipe means all you will miss are the hours to cook it.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 2 oz. (56g)

Amount per serving
Calories 90

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 5g 8%
Saturated Fat 2g 10%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 25mg 8%
Sodium 450mg 19%
Total Carbohydrate 1g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Total Sugars 0g
Protein 9g

Vitamin A 0% ° Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0% ° lron 4%

* The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

  • USDA Choice Beef Round with Juices
  • Cured with traditional corned beef flavors
  • Cooks in just 10-15 minutes
  • Fully Cooked, Microwave in Minutes
  • Gluten Free

Beef Round, Water, Contains 2% or Less Flavorings, Sugar, Salt, Sodium Lactate, Potassium Lactate, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite.

  • Keep refrigerated or frozen. Thaw in refrigerator or microwave.
  • Keep hot foods hot. Refrigerate leftovers immediately or discard.

37 reviews for Cooked Corned Beef Round with Juices

  1. Terry

    Just purchased at Costco and in one word: Delicious!! I will be purchasing more….this is a terrific product!! So tender!

  2. Pete

    This Corned Beef is delicious! So moist and enjoyable and not just for St. Patrick’s Day. We would buy two or three then freeze them for later. The sandwiches with the leftovers are incredible! I used to be able to buy it at Costco in Vancouver, WA, but having moved to Indiana last year I can not find it at Costco.

  3. Chris Dalton

    Always have corned beef for Saint Patrick’s but rarely the rest of the year. Found this at Costco. Fantastic!

  4. Victor Evarone

    Corned Beef Round With Juices fully cooked , purchased at Costco. I have been buying and cooking raw Corned Beef for 50 years as I love Rueben’s and the classic with Cabbage and vegetables. NO MORE COOKING JUST DROP BAG IN HOT WATER. Absolutely amazing quality and taste. Sorry restaurants I will not be ordering yours anymore. Only issue it’s apparently seasonal so need to find out where to get. Will try other Bob Baileys products. Thanks for your commitment to creating excellent products quickly ready to eat without all the cooking effort…..I do like to play around with food but as a business owner time is always an issue except on vacation while skiing in the mountains. Victor Cabrillo Inn at the Beach Oceanfront “East Beach” Santa Barbara CA.

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Thank you, Victor, for your comments! We couldn’t agree more … who doesn’t want Corned Beef all year?

  5. Jay

    How do you say how much minutes per pound to cook it and don’t show how much it weighs nothing on the bag nothing on the box

    • Bill Bailey’s

      hello Jay,

      There’s no net weight on the package because the weight of a corned beef varies, just as a steak or a roast does. Your grocer weighs and then applies a price label that should also show price per pound (which they determine) and the weight.

  6. David Thomas

    Can I order these direct year round ?

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hello David,

      Unfortunately we do not ship direct at this time, and grocery retailers have decided Corned Beef is a seasonal product only available for a short window of time.

  7. Danial McGowan

    looking for corned beef rounds ..please advise on availability

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hello Daniel,

      Our Corned Beef Rounds are available seasonally only (not our choice, but the choice of grocery retailers). Typically they are available in February. Sorry we don’t have better news for you.

  8. Joe A

    Bought the microwave round fully cooked Corned Beef from Costco and it looks great. Any suggestions on how to cook with the cabbage and veggies so they have the same flavor. Probably should have bought the brisket but too late now. Any help appreciated!

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hello Joe, Yes you can add vegetables and cabbage. Here’s what we recommend: Cooking with Vegetables: You can also prepare vegetables while heating your corned beef. Remove the vacuum bag completely and place the corned beef with all the juices into a microwave-safe container. Add fresh cabbage, potatoes or other fresh vegetables and cover securely. Heat in microwave on HIGH for approximately 4 to 5 minutes for each pound of corned beef. Total cooking time should not exceed 15 minutes. Container and contents will be hot, so allow it to rest in the microwave for at least 3 minutes. Appliances may vary, adjust cooking time as necessary to reach the temperature you desire.

  9. Christopher England

    I was wondering if I can slice the Corned beef straight from the package without reheating if I am going to use it to make Reuben sandwiches. Do I have to heat it up or can I eat it as is?

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hello Christopher, It is purely a matter of personal taste whether you heat up or enjoy cold. Thank you for your inquiry and enjoy those Reubens!

  10. mJ

    We absolutely love the ease of microwaving this corned beef! They are so DELICIOUS !!!!
    Anyone know how long these can be frozen for? We love to have on hand for a treat during the year but want to be sure we can freeze … how long?

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hello MJ, Yes, we agree that our Fully Cooked Corned Beef is both easy and delicious! Your question has been sent to our Quality Assurance Department and they will answer you directly.

  11. James Giovannetti

    I winter in AZ and had your fully cooked corned beef from Costco and it was easy, quick and very tender and delicious! My question is I will be in Wisconsin for St. Patrick’s Day and will it be available at Costco in Wisconsin or Illinois?

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hello James, Thank you for your comments! Bill Bailey’s is only available in the Western US, so sadly we are not at the Wisconsin or Illinois Costcos.

  12. Cindy baker

    When can we purchase your pre-cooked corned beef? It is the most delicious corned beef I’ve had. I always buy as many as will fit in my freezer.

    Thank you!!!

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Thank you, Cindy, for your inquiry. Bill Bailey’s cooked corned beef with juices will be available at most Costco locations in the Western USA beginning in early February through St. Patrick’s Day.

  13. LuAnn Finkenaur

    We live in the Phoenix area. Love your Brisket we purchased at Costco. Where are you located and can we have it shipped to us?

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hello LuAnn, Thank you for your compliment and inquiry. Sadly, retailers view Corned Beef as a seasonal item and so it is not available year round.

  14. ken love

    Lucky that in Hawaii things dont always get to the stores in time. The other corn beef brands we did have around St Patricks Day were all ok but When Bill Baileys in late May my wife surprised me with one. Just took it out of the slow cooker and its totally amazing. Far better than the three other brands found on the Big Island at times. Please keep them coming our way!

  15. Jenny

    Has anyone made this in a crockpot? How long do u leave it in for?

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hello Jenny, Thank you for your inquiry. Because the product you are referring to is a Fully Cooked item, we do not recommend putting it in a crock pot. For our uncooked Corned Beef items, we have a variety of cooking instructions within our website:

  16. Dianna White

    Like a dummy, I forgot to purchase extra packages of the fully cooked Bill Bailey’s Corned Beef. Is there anyone who carries this product after St. Patrick’s Day? I would like to find 2 to put in the freezer for Summer parties.

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Sadly, retailers view Corned Beef as a seasonal/holiday item and don’t carry it year ’round. Wish we had different news for you and we thank you for being a Bill Bailey’s customer.

  17. Sharon

    Went to Costco today, a day before St. Patricks Day. This time I bought 3, two to freeze. They are the best, I also did the
    slow cooker with the works. This is much better, I love how it slices and looks yummy.

    I’m a happy customer, Thank You,


    • Bill Bailey’s

      We love happy customers! Enjoy!

  18. Rick Brissen

    I love your corned beef.I don’t have to wait hours for it to be ready ,because it’s already cooked.I am on a zero carb to low carb weight loss diet.It says your product has one carb for so many ounces ,yet also says it has zero carbs for the daily allowance.Which is it?Carbs or no carbs??

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Thank you for your question! The answer is both. Yes, there is 1 gram Carbohydrate per serving, but because the Daily Allowance is 275 grams, this calculates to 0.3% of your Daily Allowance. Since this is less than one-half of one percent, the labels shows 0.

  19. gary

    I loved the bill baileys corned beef that I got at costco but I have found out that they no longer are going to have the brisket and will now carry the round cut which is not as good as the brisket. Too bad !

  20. sylvie

    Sorry, forgot our rating, but of course, it’s obvious. 10 stars!

  21. george & sylvie

    We are newbees to your amazing fully cooked corned beef this year. Your product is superior to all who are currently on the market. We wish we could order through you some way or if you can let us know if you sell to any other retailers we can purchase your product from, it would be much appreciated. If ever possible, please let us know immediately. Thank you. We told Costco we would consider cancelling our membership if they don’t provide your product all year round. They agreed, yes yours was the best and many people complain it shouldn’t be seasonal but it’s up to corporate.

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Thank you so much for your loyal support of our Bill Bailey’s Corned Beef. We certainly agree that Corned Beef makes a great dinner all year, but retailers view it as a seasonal item and is now sold out. Unfortunately, this is not available at any other retail locations near you right now. We always encourage our loyal customers to let their store manager know they wishes, and we also thank you for adding your voice. Thanks again….

  22. Carolyn Flanary

    We are so happy with the Bill Bailey corned beef brisket just finished it today 5/03/2020 we always buy @ least 3 when they are in stock @ Costco so delicious, but are out now and it is only May wandering if we can somehow order them online and by delivery to good to do without? please let me know if it is at all possible. Thank you Troy

  23. Paula Elsdon

    I have been buying your corn beef for about 3years now-I also only have one left-with the COVID-19 virus I couldn’t get back to Costco to stock up on them. I usually cook them and then slice it to make Rubens. I would be interested in if possible to buy a few direct from you?? Is that possible-could you please let me know-it’s a long time till next year.
    Thank You

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Thank you for your compliment and your loyalty! While we agree with you that Corned Beef makes a great sandwich or dinner all year around, the grocery retailers don’t seem to agree. At this time we are not able to ship our products directly to consumers. So, we can only ask for your patience (and feel free to let your store managers know you’d like it in store).

  24. Darren Romeo

    I purchased these from Costco right before st. Patrick’s day and quarantine. I absolutely love the fully cooked corn beef!!! Taste was AMAZING and so easily to prepare. I have to admit I didnt expect much I figure you have to buy the old corn beef to cook for hours. I was wrong. I hate the microwave but figured let’s see how it comes out…PERFECT!!! I am a new loyal customer from Las Vegas. Where can I get these year round?

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Thank you for trying our product! We’re happy to hear how much you enjoyed it and we agree that it’s a great meal all year around. Unfortunately, our customers feel it’s a seasonal item and only stock them for a limited time.

  25. Huguette M Evans

    I bought the bill Bailey’s corned beef in Costco . The first time 2 years ago I use the microwave
    after I use the hot water , I love it I keep going to Costco to get more hoping they still have . I love
    so munch I tell all my friend about it .Thank you for a great product . I want to know if someone can
    get it directly from the source

  26. Inge M

    We just finished the leftovers from our delicious Bill Baileys corned beef, and I wished I had bought more to freeze.
    The taste was outstanding, and of course, it’s the easiest meal to make, just a few minutes in the microwave. It also is totally keto friendly, a real bonus for me.
    Where can I get more packages, now that Costco doesn‘t carry it any more? We live in area code 91360.
    Thank you!

  27. Bonnie Snyder

    We have bought this corned beef at Costco for several years now, buying at least 3 to freeze. This year I only bought 2, and we used the last yesterday! Help!! Where can I buy more? We are in Salt Lake City , Utah….Thanks for the great product

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hello Bonnie, Our Corned Beef is carried at Costco as a seasonal product only. Please look for it after the first of the year!

  28. Mike Povlo

    Been buying your cooked corn beef for the past several years at Costco. It’s the best! This year I bought two.. one for St Patrick’s Day and froze the other for a special treat. Last night I prepared the second package and sliced it in my meat slicer. Delicious! Any chance I can get more directly from the source? You’ve got me hooked..

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hi Mike, Good thinking to buy two and we thank you for your kind words. I am forwarding your request to customer service and they will reply directly to you.

  29. Brandie

    This is hands down our family’s favorite corned beef. It would be nice to be able to purchase it year round. They only have it at Costco for a few weeks a year.

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Thank you for the compliment! We agree that Corned Beef makes a great meal all year around The stores make the choices of what they carry, so we can only suggest letting your store manager know your wishes.

  30. Sylvia Dixon

    I must agree with Patricia! The best ever!!! We are hooked on this corned beef and I didn’t buy extra before St. Patty’s Day either? Is there a way to have some shipped to us?

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hello Sylvia, Thank you for your comment! Your question has been passed on to our Customer Service team who will respond to you directly.

  31. Adrienne Jacobsen

    Absolutely the best Corned Beef ever.

  32. Sandra Cannella

    WOW! I have cooked too many corned beef dinners to count in my 77 years and have never enjoyed a corned beef more than this one. It was our first purchase of a Bill Bailey product but the Costco employee giving out samples convinced me to try one. My husband and I have enjoyed this one for two dinner meals and three lunches.
    I used the heating method of emersing in boiling water and was very pleased. My husband warmed his in the microwave but I enjoyed mine cold on marble rye bread. We can’t thank you enough for this great product. Be sure we will purchase them again and again plus pass the word on to family and friends.

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hello Sandra,
      Thank you for letting us know about your experience! We are happy to have you as part of our Bill Bailey’s family.

  33. Patricia Gibbens

    I am so happy with the Bill Bailey brisket that I got from Costco. .. I am so mad at myself for not buying a couple more before they stopped being available St. Patrick’s day. Is there anywhere I can get two delivered to me now?

    • Bill Bailey’s

      Hello Patricia, We are so glad you enjoyed our Corned Beef Brisket! Our inquiry has been provided to our Customer Service Manager and she will be contacting you directly. Cheers!

  34. Annabelle daniel

    Excellent for a crowd. Not only delicious but minimal cleanup. Never again will I do corned beef the old way.

  35. Stevie Checketts

    My Grandma used to make creamed corn beef and cabbage soup. I finally ventured out and figured out how she did it. I’ve tried other brands corn beef but this is simply the best by far. I just wish it was available all year.

    • Bill Bailey’s

      We couldn’t agree more, Stevie! Corned Beef makes a great meal anytime.

  36. Carol

    I bought this product a year and a half ago and it got lost in my freezer waiting for the right time. Finally had a perfect time to serve it! I also boiled up a small head of cabbage, 3 med/lg red potatoes unpeeled, 2 lg onions, and 2lbs of carrots, all cut in quarters.
    Heated up the brisket in the microwave according to the directions, and boiled the vegetables in a large pot on the stove for the same amount of time.
    The dinner was DELICIOUS, rivaling any corned beef brisket and cabbage dinner we have ever been served in any restaurants! It easily would serve 6 people, but thankfully there were only 4 of us and can’t wait to have Reuben sandwiches with the leftovers! A definite 5 star product!
    Can’t wait for March to come in hopes that Costco will carry this product again and will buy several to have throughout the year. It will never have to hide again in my freezer waiting for “the right time” to serve it …. Thanks for your product!

  37. Gerry F.

    My dad (Irish) taught my mom (Norwegian) how to make corned beef and cabbage after they married, and growing up it was always one of my favorites. This fully cooked corned beef brisket rivals my dad’s recipe, and is certainly much more convenient to make. I buy several from Costco each year when they appear around St. Patrick’s day. They freeze perfectly in their original packaging so that I can enjoy delicious corned beef all year round. Thanks for a great product!

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