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Corned Beef in a Sous Vide

  1. Based upon cooking time, heat a Sous Vide bath (see list below).
    140°F – cook for 48 hours*
    160°F – cook for 36 hours*
    175°F – cook for 15 hours*
    180°F – cook for 10 hours
    190°F – cook for 6 hours*recommended temperatures and times for Corned Beef
  2. Place Bill Bailey’s Corned Beef, still inside its original packaging, into the heated Sous Vide water bath making sure there are no holes in the original packaging.
  3. Use a lid or plastic wrap to prevent evaporation and monitor the water level to ensure the Corned Beef is submerged.
  4. Heat Tri-Tip Roast in Sous Vide water bath for time and at temperature chosen.
  5. Remove package from bath and remove Corned Beef from packaging, reserving any juices. Place Corned Beef on a cutting board and cover loosely with foil until ready to serve.
  6. Use reserved liquid to cook cabbage or other vegetables.
  7. Slice Corned Beef against the grain for maximum tenderness.

Note: Cooking instructions are meant as guidelines only. Cook to recommended internal temperature guidelines and adjust cooking times if necessary for size and weight of products as appliances will vary. You may not achieve desired results due to these variables, therefore, while care has been taken to provide accurate cooking guidelines users are advised to use their discretion.